We are the Association for Commercial Dahlia Farms.

We adhere to the best practices of growing, storing, and shipping of dahlia tubers true to variety. Deliver quality product and service with cultural information. ​And protect the integrity of the U.S. Dahlia Cultivar List.

Remember that, while some of our farms in the Association are not as big as some of our larger companies, they're dedicated to a personal level of service, product and quality that supplies gardeners around the globe annually. 

Here's the best part, we belong to all the other Dahlia Farms. We make our own rules on respect and integrity. We plant the fields and then we harvest. We know nature, day by day, with the weather. And we create company policy to keep our farms running smoothly, and customers happy.

We honor all Dahlia Growers, for their capacity, their knowledge, and their strife to learn more. Which in turn, gives the customer higher standards in product and service. And the Dahlia farming in America grows stronger every year.

Enjoy our site and keep checking back for updates! 

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Feb. 1st, 2019  Newsletter. 
Finally!  We have created "The Real Dahlia Farm List !" 

Our Dahlia farm list has been created to stop other dahlia farm list from playing politics with their paid customers [the dahlia farms]. We are proud to present a free dahlia farm listing with no payments forced on the farms to have to list their website information. And no other Private Person [source] being able to control the farms pricing, farm policies and customer relations from purchases, or any other information that they should not be in control of by someone other than the dahlia farm itself. 

No website should be honored for putting multiple stars behind certain company's name on the list because the farm has been forced to slip the web designer more money than the other farms in order to get a higher rating. These stars are making it look as though it is a better choice of purchase, when really all it means is they paid more for the advertising. [Isn't that illegal?].

Nor should that web designer have the right as to decide who has good business practices dealing with the public or not. Customer relations should only be handled thru the farms selling their products and presenting their company policy to the customer. The dahlia farms are all aiming to please, not screw over the customers.  Dahlias are sensitive to all spring plantings. It does not always reflect on the farm's farming skills or ethics.

All of the farms on our list are very hard working, sincere people, trying to do their best. They create a product for the entire dahlia society and those not connected growing just for their private summer enjoyment. They need to be supported for their endeavors. Without each one of them, dahlias would be in smaller numbers and new varieties would be rare. We are blessed by every new dahlia farm coming into play and the older farms with history and serious knowledge. 

One website, mentioned above, is known for even black balling farms because they made a comment about the poor business practices happening on their site, and they place nasty comments on their site about certain farms. They remove them from their list even though they had paid for being placed there. There has been a lack of professionalism on the website manager's part. None of these farms deserve to be harassed. 

It's call defamation of character which is the action of damaging the good reputation of someone; slander or libel, character assassination, calumny, vilification, traducement, obloquy, scandal, scandal mongering, malicious gossip, tittle-tattle, backbiting, aspersions, muckraking, abuse, malediction. 

Never has there been creepy website lists with these rude unprofessional practices in the dahlia community up until recent years. And, it needs to stop. It gives the dahlia growers a bad image. The wrong image. It gives novice growers the wrong opinions.

Any other website using these poor quality standards as mentioned above, should be ignored, by both the dahlia consumer, and the dahlia growers for:  
Bad Business Practices 
towards the dahlia growers at large. Why? Because.....

We thought growing dahlias was a peaceful sport! We thought growing dahlias brings people together. The word "Love" is more than likely on the lips of every dahlia farm owner. In spite of the back bending work in all types of weather, the chore of clump seperation, winter storage and shipping, we love growing dahlias! 

We are the Dahlia Growers for the U.S.A.! 

Feb. 2019 
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